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Unique Lawn Care
Do you have a genuine interest in becoming a professional lawn care technician? If so, please let us hear from you.

If you are energetic, in good health and enjoy working outdoors, put together a resumé with a cover letter that describes your general background, interests ... and be sure to include any related experience you might have regarding previous lawncare employment.

Don't forget to include contact info such as phone, address and/or email.

If we have no immediate openings, Unique Lawns will maintain your submission on file and notify you for an invitation to an interview.

Please email your information to:  services@unique-lawncare.com

"I have had my neighbors say 'this is the best your yard has ever looked' and 'your lawn looks better than mine' and its only been a year of service from Unique Lawn Care. The plain fact is this is the best our lawn has ever looked. Thank you!"
- OW